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At BEZER Engineering Consulting we specialize in calculation services, design and development of customized and sustainable housing projects, for different construction systems. We offer commercial, industrial, residential, governmental projects, etc. "key on hand"


When we work with our clients, there are no intermediaries. We are responsible for the development of the architectural project, facilities and support structure. Ensuring the client receives a first class architectural and architectural solution, perfect for your property and adjusted to your budget.

  • Family homes

  • Buildings

  • Wineries

  • Public and government buildings

  • Special buildings

  • Technical direction for architectural, civil and renewable energy projects with the support of architects, specialists and engineers in the field.

  • Architectural project design for special buildings in renewable energy projects

¿What do we talk about when we name a sustainable construction?

A sustainable construction is any one that does not generate waste of any kind, but, in order not to be extremists, we can say that sustainability is linked to saving energy and different resources in general.

If we think about what is customary here -the traditional construction-, we see that there are different ways to give a house the possibility of maximizing energy savings. For example, look for the walls have a greater than conventional insulation to maintain temperatures, whether winter or summer, and that the carpentry have sufficient tightness with double glass for the same purpose.

With this combination and the addition of solar panels to produce hot water and heating, we can say that we have the base so that future construction will be beneficial for both electricity and gas consumption and avoid the unnecessary use of these resources that are not only expensive, but also exhaustible.

¿Can I transform my current home into a sustainable home?

If we wanted to transform our traditional housing into a sustainable one, the good news is that much can be done to change it. The process can be expensive or not, depending on how much you want to do and depending on the possibilities of each one to face this reform.

The good thing is that it is an investment that then has a return on the usual expenses of the house. Changing the openings, improve insulation on ceilings if they were flat or put a ceiling suspended, are some things that can be done.

  • Category homes

  • Design and Calculation of Structures

  • Buildings

  • Warehouses and Warehouses

  • Special Buildings

  • Wineries

  • Bridges, Walkways

  • Design of Special Foundations

  • Structural engineering for mining projects

  • Consulting and technical advice during the construction and execution of the project.

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